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Philosophy | How I improve student education through my pedagogy.





Education and creativity need the right environment to be successful. A student must feel that they can take risks knowing that failure is an outcome that equates with knowledge and not defeat. In my courses, students are encouraged to share on a daily basis on topics spanning from big brother is watching to photography by Jaber Al Azmeh of the Syrian revolution. All opinions are valued through listening, reflection and discourse. My aim is to create a space where students feel empowered, and where they feel they have a viable and respected outlet to share their personal and collaborative voice.


Media has changed so drastically in the last twenty years it is amazing. As a teacher, it can be daunting but rather then work with a replacement pedagogy that simply updates to a new version, I have developed unique hybrid instruction that partners new technologies with historic ones creating a bridge for student


One of the best ways for students to really understand a topic is for them to share it with others. Whether giving a TEDx presentation, or leading a lesson on dreams in Bhutan, I challenge my students to pass it on and share

My Vision

I like to think of myself as a visual anthropologist. I see details, I document culture and experience, I share it with others. I wear many hats. Teacher. Artist. Confidant. The real world isn't divided into nice little segments, its organic and overlapping and education should be too. I always felt I learned the most from teachers that could provide real world explanations for complex subject matter.  My dream is to be a part of a team that not only gives examples, but provides lessons that engage and build. Where we get dirty and see mistakes, but where students learn both from failure and success. I hope to build something integrated, to give students ownership of their learning.

Projects | A few of the highlights during my tenure.



Tasks:  developed and implemented a curriculum for Photo One,  Advanced Photo  and the AP 2-D studio art (photo emphasis)


Description: Stepping into the role as teacher from a freelance career in 2008, I was handed three classes with no curriculum. In my time at Gunn H.S., I was able to create an anolog/digital hybrid program that engages students and has expanded to five courses including the addition of the AP course in 2009

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Project: TEDxGunnHighSchool


Tasks:  Mentoring, coordinating, installation.


Description: TEDx came to Gunn H.S. in 2010 led by our amazing librarian. Inspired by that years TED Prize winner, I embarked on participating in his wish for an international art installation. Included in a documentary released at this years Tribecca Film Festival. Inspired by the concept of TED, I became a co- organizer and this took over as lead. TEDx has given us the opportunity to engage students in real world activities and show them the diversity in future paths, and since every year students speak as well, it showcases some of the amazing projects the students are working on

Project: Humanity through the Lens


Tasks:  Mentored student developed curriculum and organized a trip to Bhutan


Description: In this growing and ongoing project, we started with a small idea that just seemed to be worth sharing. What if we asked youth all over the world to compare two topics? What makes you happy and sad? What are your dreams and fears? As we add schools and ages I continue to be amazed at the depth students share. Our dream this summer is to build a website that houses imagery made by youth but also the pieces that get them their, the writing and research.


In additional this summer, the curriculum is being updated to align with common core standards for both elementary and secondary education in Social Studies, Economics and Language Arts.

Project: HitRecord : a new earth


Tasks:  Mentoring, coordinating, installation.


Description: The HitRecord project was based on an amazing source for creating creative content founded by actor Joesph Gorden Levitt.  I wanted to push the advanced and AP classes further in their work as many of them had become complacent in their still skills. We added motion and turned it up - way up. This project was challenging both from a technical and logistical standpoint. Bringing 25 creative minds to consensus is no easy chore, but the results were proof that collaboration can produce amazing results.

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Skills | I've got skills. Like seriously, look at all those skills.

Digital Creative

Now what?

In The Cloud

Photography, Graphic Design, Video & Presentation. Art - Technology? YES PLEASE

I am fluent in Adobe Create Cloud and if I don't know it I'll learn.

Learning doesn't stop when you leave school and that goes double for teachers. I love learning, and I have a passion for my field.. The two joined can be amazingly powerful

My skills in programing a web applications help me to reach students where ever and sometimes whenever. I'm not quite young enough to be a digital native, but I like to think I'm a 1st generation digital immigrant.


Proven Numbers


Part of being a 21st century learning is knowing your history. I am trained in watercolor & acrylics, drawing sculpture, woodworking, and printmaking. My passion lies in alternative process photography.

When I began teaching we had three sections of photography. This year we had to cap the program due to abundant enrollment.

Gunn High School was hit hard in 2009 with a series of very publicized suicides. As an art teacher, I did the only thing I knew. We talked, we created and I made a safe place for students to share and be heard.

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Phone: (650) 703-9830

Address: 114 Alley Way Mountain View CA 94040