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Expert ADHD Coaching- Jennifer Hogan ADHD Specialist and Coach

It can be tough to find the right person to trust with your ADHD Consulting needs, but with Jennifer Hogan Expert ADHD Coaching you can be sure that you're in good hands.

Expert ADHD Coaching

Jennifer is the right person to contact if you need expert ADHD coaching. When we think of children with ADHD, we frequently picture them as being restless and bouncing around from one incomplete task to another. However, ADHD affects more than just children, and it is not something that "will naturally overcome as one gets older”, specifically if you've never had access to therapy in the past. Eventually, being an independent adult can be extremely difficult when your ADHD brain is misunderstood and unattended.


Maybe you're unsure of how to handle a shorter attention span than others or a relative inability to make connections between seemingly unrelated tasks. Almost everyone around you is unsure where and when you require assistance or how to assist you. In either case, an ADHD counselor can assist by providing guidance.

Being an Adult with ADHD

For any adult, life can be a balancing act, but if you are consistently late, disorganized, forgetful, and exhausted by your responsibilities, you may have ADHD. ADHD affects many adults, and its wide range of inconvenient symptoms can wreak havoc on everything from your relationships to your career.


Adult ADHD symptoms are similar to those seen in children; common symptoms include uneasiness, impulsiveness, and carelessness, although not everyone experiences all of these symptoms. However, for adults living with ADHD, the expectations and consequences of such symptoms can be extreme, particularly when you have everyday tasks and interpersonal relationships.

ADHD's Impact on the Workplace

ADHD can be extremely difficult to manage when attempting to build a career and succeed at work. After all, you know yourself and your proclivity, and you struggle to manage your time effectively. You know how difficult it is to sit at a desk for eight hours straight, and how tempting it is to give in to impulse and do something more active!

Don't be afraid to ask for assistance if any of the aforementioned circumstances present a challenge for you or if you feel severely underemployed about any of them. ADHD counseling can be beneficial if you have difficulty staying focused, participating, and making decisions. This can assist you in understanding how ADHD impacts your job and what you can do to effectively manage the symptoms that cause this type of "mess" while at work.

How ADHD Counselling Can Help?

In light of the two areas of life mentioned above, ADHD coaching can provide precise, targeted support for the symptoms and/or effects that concern you the most. Because anyone with ADHD has heard it before: well-meaning people tell you to 'push harder' or 'get rid of distractions,' as if either of those things were possible and you'd never tried it before!

Expert ADHD coaching takes a unique approach to both personal and professional situations for which you may seek help. Group coaching for ADHD is a form of empowerment because it allows you to surround yourself with people who are similar to you and hold each other accountable for the transitions you want to make in your life. You understand what other people are going through, which is the most crucial aspect of this type of counseling. An ADHD group support program, for example, can help at work by letting you track deadlines in a much more organized and efficient manner. Someone can hold you accountable for timely reports and assist you in focusing on multi-step tasks such as sending and responding to emails. After all, ADHD brains function best with tangible consequences rather than abstract time passages.

Similarly, in your personal life, an ADHD counselor is there to get to understand you and discover what makes you tick. Because people with ADHD can 'hyperfocus' when they see something they like, determining how your behavior plays out when they are in this mode is critical to developing a support plan that can help. Hyperfocus is a distraction coping strategy—a way of minimizing the distractions. It can be so powerful, however, that you become oblivious to everything around you. For example, you may become so engrossed in a book, a television show, or your computer that you lose track of time and overlook your responsibilities. When directed toward productive activities, hyperfocus can be beneficial; however, if unchecked, it can lead to work and relationship issues.

If the symptoms of ADHD continue to interfere with your life regardless of self-help efforts to control them, it might be time to seek professional help.

Counselling tailored to your specific requirement

We hold  ADHD coaching and counseling sessions in person or over the phone. Between sessions, we encourage brief email check-ins. Homework is used to better explain recommended strategies, put new directions into action, and make the most of session time. Counseling and coaching can be a one-time consultation or it can last for several months. Many clients return when new problems arise in their lives, while you concentrate on other aspects of your life.


I can facilitate you in transitioning from survival mode to thriving and reconnecting with the joys of life. I help my clients stay on track, maintain calm, and bring out the best in themselves. Instead of fighting it, I invite you to learn how to improve the way your unique ADHD brain works.

For Expert ADHD Coaching please contact Jennifer at for more information on ADHD coaching. You can also begin right away by scheduling an appointment. 

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