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ADHD Consulting - Jennifer Hogan ADHD Specialist and Coach

If you are looking for a Top ADHD Consultant, look no further than Jennifer. Jennifer is a renowned expert in the field of ADHD and has helped countless patients overcome their challenges

ADHD Specialist Serving Clients Globally

An ADHD coach can assist you in identifying your strengths and challenges, as well as in developing personalised strategies to help you achieve your goals. Jennifer works with clients as a Top ADHD Consultant to help them leverage their strengths to tackle problems such as:

  • Time management

  • Mental health 

  • Organisation 

  • Communication

  • Planning 

  • Support for family members

  • Setting priorities 

  • Family conflict

  • Low self-esteem

  • Relationship issues

  • Transitions

Working Together

We'll talk about brain-based strategies backed by science that I've successfully used with professionals, students, and entrepreneurs all over the world.  I support and do not pass judgement, but I will ask probing questions that will motivate and provide meaningful and lasting change.

My approach is unique to each client. We'll use examples from your life to develop long-term strategies that capitalise on your strengths. I'll be there to encourage you and hold you responsible as you establish new habits that will help you achieve your goals, and I'll watch as your confidence soars.

Why is ADHD Coaching Important?

According to research, coaching is an effective intervention for ADHD to increase self-confidence, support work, and goal achievement. It is difficult to stay focused on tasks and complete work when you have ADHD, especially if the tasks are demanding and lack interest. It is also difficult to determine the steps required to complete tasks and to estimate how long those steps will take. Coaching is effective in ADHD because coaches assist clients in approaching goals systematically, identifying significant steps, objectively estimating how long steps will take, brainstorming strategies, and evaluating regularly to see what worked and what didn't. Coaching assists people with ADHD to move forward and closer to their goals and dreams.

Approaches Therapist Uses In A Coaching Session

Top ADHD Consultant in the USA, Jennifer adopts a variety of techniques, ranging from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and mindfulness, to psychoeducational approaches that illustrate how the brain works and how approaches can support skills known as Executive Functions. She is an ADHD specialist, so she understands that every session, regardless of approach, must recognize the brain's need to break down tasks systematically. She also understands that ADHD can easily distract you from work, regardless of how determined you are to achieve your goals. She will also take your personal preferences for the sessions into account. 


Doodling and visual note-taking are an important part of our Coaching program for kids and teens. Our ADHD training program for adults who enjoy drawing includes doodles and sketches. Regardless of approach, the coach will talk with you about goals and expectations, steps and strategies for completing the work, challenges, and distractions that are likely to arise, and how to deal with obstacles when they do arise.

Who Is Eligible For Coaching?

ADHD coaching is an effective therapy for children, teens, and adults, according to research. Our ADHD Coaching Program's approaches and strategies are appropriate for clients of various ages. Individuals with ADHD who struggle to stay organized and meet deadlines can benefit from this initiative. The challenges that ADHD brings vary depending on each individual. Some adults with ADHD put off work until the last minute or completely miss deadlines. Others work long and hard hours to meet deadlines, leaving little time for other activities such as spending time with family and friends. Adults with ADHD can benefit from working with a coach in many ways to minimize ADHD challenges and reach goals.

Coaching for Kids

Children’s lives seem to be hectic. There's a lot to do! Some tasks are enjoyable, while others are not. It is simple to persuade children to spend time doing what they enjoy. It's not so easy to convince them to make time for difficult tasks. This difficulty may be explained by young, developing brains. The prefrontal cortex of the brain is designed to assist the brain in taking a step back, determining what work needs to be done, devising an effective plan, and remaining focused throughout the process. When frustrations arise during difficult work, the prefrontal cortex assists in sorting them out. The prefrontal cortex, on the other hand, takes a long time to develop. This makes it difficult for kids to see what steps are required to solve problems and move forward, especially when the problems are difficult.


When ADHD is present, the brain struggles, even more, to solve problems systematically and manage significant frustrations. Coaching provides effective support for children who need to complete work but struggle to initiate, persist in, and complete tasks that they find difficult

Teen Coaching

Being a teen is an exciting time in life when you are confronted with new freedoms, skills, and friends. However, adolescence is not easy. Being a teenager comes with a lot of expectations and responsibilities. When you're a teenager, it's difficult to meet high expectations; it's even more difficult when you have ADHD. Coaching can be an effective therapy for ADHD teens who struggle with daily goals at home and school but also want to achieve big dreams.

Adult Coaching

Perhaps you work so hard to meet due dates that you don't have time for anything else. Perhaps you have difficulty meeting deadlines. Perhaps you're submitting an incomplete task riddled with errors you didn't notice. Without treatment, ADHD will remind you - time after time - of all the goals you can't achieve without a lot of effort, frustration, or sadness. Coaching can be an effective therapy for people with ADHD who want to achieve their goals—not just the daily tasks, but also the big ones.

How to Begin?

Please feel free to contact for more information on ADHD coaching. You can also begin right away by scheduling an appointment in the ‘Contact Us’ tab.

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