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Kara T, Clinical Lead

I always felt seen, never judged, and always supported in my coaching journey. She really got to the root of my executive function challenges and I am now a better Mom, partner, and manager.

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Julia P, IT

I had tried years of therapy, medications, and meditation to help manage my ADHD and anxiety. Sometimes things worked for a while but I could never maintain my progress. I was in a constant burnout cycle. ADHD coaching has been such a game changer for me. It was exactly what I needed and helped both my anxiety and ADHD.

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Amanda L, Nurse Practitioner

I cannot say enough good things about Jennifer. For the first time ever, I feel at peace and finally have a system that actually works for my ADD. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. I would recommend Jennifer in a heart beat.

Image by Jason Goodman

M. B.

I have really enjoyed working with Jennifer.  After 55+ years of living with ADHD, I made the decision to finally get some help.  I googled ADHD coaches, really liked Jennifer’s website and her experience.  I reached out to meet, it was super easy!  Right away Jennifer made me feel totally at ease.  She is a great listener, she understands how the ADHD mind works and from our first session I knew she would be able to help me.  Along the way Jennifer provided great resources, tactics and processes to follow and refer to.  I definitely made progress, now have a process in place to help me and I also know that I can reach out at any time.  I highly recommend working with Jennifer Hogan!

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Ali A.

I was working a job where I struggled a lot to find meaning and to create healthy habits. Mindfulness and journaling apps did not help, as I felt lost and hopeless. When I started talking to Jennifer, my brain fog started to melt away and clarity slowly came over the weeks.

I would recommend working with Jennifer Hogan if you are tired of doing things the same way and need a light to show you how to shape your life with your own hands.

Image by Brooke Cagle

Natalia M.

Starting coaching sessions with Jennifer have been life changing. I felt comfortable and at ease from the start during our sessions, Jennifer is not only kind and compassionate but she is also professional, productive and efficient in her work.

For the first time I felt that it’s ok to be me and that my challenges can be overcome with different strategies that are fit specifically for me.

For the first time my home is under control, thanks to Jennifer suggestions.

I also learned to accept myself, to get to know myself without feeling any shame.

Most importantly I always feel energized and full of hope after our sessions.

Jennifer is truly a gem and I would recommend her a million times.

She loves her work and she’s in it to truly help others.

Thank you for everything, Jen.

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L.D., Research Consultant

Jen is a fantastic ADHD coach. She is a compassionate listener and has a hilarious sense of humour. Her strategies and encouragement have helped me to reach new goals and work with, instead of against, my ADHD.

Image by Amy Hirschi

A.B., Entrepreneur & Mom

Jennifer was amazing in helping our teenage son with ADHD.  She is very creative, empathetic and dedicated to her clients’ progress and successes. Just when I thought that I had read most of the strategies in parenting a child with ADHD in parenting books or online, she always presented new, fun and engaging strategies to keep our son engaged and motivated on his path to developing better organizational skills.  She also empowered him by highlighting all the little successes he had achieved over our sessions together, which made him realize and feel good about how far he had come.

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